About Carving  〜ナイフ1本で出来る魔法〜








2012年、屋号を 【KATAYAMA CARVING】 に制定。東京でカービング教室と作品制作を始める。タイの伝統を守りながら、枠にとらわれない新しいデザインやスタイルを取り入れ、幅広い分野で創作活動を目指して活動しています。




​2018年カービング教室名を【Katayama Carving School】に変更。


Carving is originated from Thailand as traditional sculptures.

It carve the vegetable and fruit, soap,candle delicately and dynamically  with a single knife.

Because such materials are easy to get ahold of,we're able to easily carve,anywhere,anytime.


Vegetables and fruits transform into dishes and gifts that enhance our everyday lives. And carved soap and candles can make the whole room happier.The uses of carving is deverse, It's purely magic that we can have a bigger smile on our faces;with just one knife.

In 2012 Miya Katayama established a store name, KATAYAMA CARVING. And started teaching carving.I opend a carving school in Tokyo.

While maintaining the tradition designs of Thailand, I aim to create art by pushing the boundaries and incorporating my new styles and designs. I carve designs in all wide range of fields; including one of my original taste.

2014:Started producing customized watermelon sculptures for company/personal events.

2015:First Japanese artist to carve an a large pumpkin sculpture of 150kg for a National Halloween Event.

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